Marzamemi - Siracusa


The tour will accompany you to the south-eastern part of Sicily:

Marzamemi: 1 hour 30 minutes stop

Ortigia: stop h. 3:00

Neapolis at sunset: stop h. 1.30 minutes.


You will be accompanied to discover a small and delicious hamlet developed entirely on the sea: "Marzamemi". Dating back to the eighteenth century, the village will leave you breathless, with its famous ports the Fossata and the Balata (also known for the well-known Tonnara) and the beauty of Piazza Regina Margherita. During your time you can also take a break at the seaside on the "Litorale

Spinazza ", which can be reached on foot from the little vllage. The tour will continue to Ortigia, the island that contains the oldest part of the historic center of Syracuse from the Greek period. The Baroque architecture is fascinating with its white stone. Last, and not least, stop at the Neapolis Archaeological Park, an open-air museum which contains evidence of various eras, from the protohistoric to the late ancient and Byzantine ages.